Do it on yupo!

September 24, 2011

Yupo is a synthetic paper made of 100% Polypropylene.  “Do it on yupo” was on the cover of the bound sheets of yupo I bought.  I believe the first time I was introduced to Yupo, was in a book of artwork and read about it.  Then I went to a supply store (probably Jerry’s Artarama in Raleigh, NC…my fav) and purchased a small amount of the paper.  When I read about it, it was made to sound incredibly difficult but fun.  Sounded good to me!  I like a challenge and I LOVE fun!  Of course lots of people say watercolor itself is difficult but I find it very fun/easy and frustrating sometimes LOL.  I just love watercolor.  Anyway, I’d pulled out a sheet of it the other day and professed to those around “not to expect any great works of art because this was just gonna loosen me up and be fun”.  I am having so much fun and the painting is actually turning out quite good.  The wonderful thing about yupo is the colors stay pretty “true”.  It takes a lot for the colors to get “muddy” because they don’t get absorbed by the paper.  The paint actually “sits” on the paper until it dries.  The BAD part about the paper is you have to wait for it to dry to add detail and you can actually wipe it right off so you have to be careful.  The good thing is that you CAN wipe off any mistake and “redo”!  You could wipe the entire thing off the page!  That is also BAD so I’m sure that a fixative will have to be sprayed on it to KEEP it and perhaps an acrylic clear glaze.  Anyway, I am painting a boat on water and got the perspective of the boat OFF and actually was able to “lift” the paint off with a damp brush and repaint the boat.  The colors are absolutely beautiful and it’s still in progress……

If you are a “tight” painter as I am: detail oriented …..then you will love painting on this and allowing yourself to just have fun!  Don’t expect anything great and just PAINT!

PS: FYI I noticed that some of the more “staining” paints also stain this paper so you will have your “whites” not so white but they still look white compared to the color beside them.  Also, the opaque colors may leave crumbs or “sands” of color so make sure your color is completely liquid!

Have FUN!


Yard Debris Art!

September 9, 2011

Pine Flower

Hi everyone!

I decided to post this after my friend took a picture of it with his iphone with an app called “Retro Camera” and he used the camera called “Little Orange Box”.  The photo has just “grown” on me and I posted it on FB and had a lot of comments so I decided to share with ya’ll!   I was over at his house after what we got from Hurricane Irene!  He has a lot of Magnolia and Pine trees around his house that are covered in Wisteria Vines!  We had just walked out on the back deck and the squirrels (who are also eating his house!) also decided the pine cones are delicious!  These beautiful “petals” were on the deck and reminded me of flower petals so I picked them up and arranged them on the deck railing.  He picked up a Wisteria Seed Pod and added it for the stem.  The colors are true to what we saw that day with the sun’s rays on the display.  It was so beautiful in the midst of so much debris after a storm that we had to photo it!  I have also seen the seeds from the Wisteria and they are round and not quite flat but would make beautiful centers for these lovely flowers!  I thought it might be a great craft idea for kids too!  I also think this might make a beautiful card.  I hope you all enjoy making art out of something “turned ugly” and be thankful for things that didn’t go TOO wrong!

Would love to get your feedback 🙂

Thanks ya’ll!


Photo by: Phil Mancuso


Coloring Your World by Anna Penny

September 5, 2011

Hi….this is my first BLOG!   I just want to share how I feel about art and designing stuff.  Right now for instance my “header” was a “fun collaboration” where I was showing a friend how to blow paint around with a straw.  When you don’t know what to paint and you’ve got the “urge” ……just throw paint down on some watercolor paper and have fun!  We wet the surface and we both put color down. I showed him how to blow the paint around with a straw.  I like how the colors mingle and develop.  We used salt too!  I have a hard time using salt because I know you are supposed to wait until the paint has lost it’s “sheen” but I get too impatient or wait too long…..so I just experiment with throwing it in different places.  It’s REALLY hard to wait until it’s completely dried.  I usually paint very tight with lots of detail so “Loosening up and painting like crazy” (Bob Burridge style) is helpful to me getting started.  Lot’s of these paintings where I’m just having fun are works of art that I don’t even realize.  This one in particular is a BUNCH of different little paintings in one!  I’m so excited to frame lot’s of different “shots” of this painting and put it on the wall as “one”.  It was a really FUN time…….that’s what matters most 🙂

I’m excited about my new blog.  Stay tuned for articles about painting and decorating.  Hopefully my words will be helpful to budding artists as well as seasoned painters and anyone interested in the art process and the artists’ thoughts about the process.  I invite you to subscribe.  Your feedback will be deeply appreciated.  There will also be design and decorating tips as well!!! Happy painting and decorating!